Nice to meet you!


Hi! I’m Meredith,

I'm a Healer and Teacher. 

I teach and guide fellow lightworkers  how to tap into their gifts and share their unique healing gifts with world!

More about me and my teachings

My teaching outlook is more of a exploratory approach. 
You’re learning new tools. And new tools open new doors. 
Which doors you open are and will be deeply guided by your soul and higher guiding forces. 
So, unlike other instructors, I’m not here to make you do things “ my way” all the time, 
Yes, I teach the curriculum of various energy modalities. 
Yes, a framework for certain processes of various modalities will be shared with you. 
However, ultimately this is your journey and I desire you find what works for YOU. 
Your way may not  exactly be the way I do things, and that’s okay (so long as we’re in step with the Code of Ethics and working in the Light).  
Overall, my role is that of a Guide. And if need be, a soundboard and troubleshooting mentor, should the need arise during your times of exploratory soul expansion and Service!  

What is Divine Heart Alchemy School?

At present, Divine Heart Alchemy School is an online school devoted to teaching spiritual tools to fellow Healers and Guides as they serve in the evolution of humanity's soul and heart consciousness.  
The Divine Heart Alchemy School Origin is a work in progress and will be shared once Divine permission has been given, thanks for your patience! 


Our Mission 

Activate the unique heart consciousness within each Healers & Guides so that they may authentically embody their Higher Truth for the harmony of humanity.  
Inspire fellow Healers' and Guides to renew their devotion to serving their communities from a heart-consciousness.  
Serve as a steadfast beacon of inspiration and motivation for personal growth and transformation
Foster a community of healing professionals rooted in collaboration, cooperation, and prosperity. 
Serve as a credentialed, educational resource for healers, lightworkers, creatives, and soulpreneurs of the future
Lead humanity and the planet forward with authentic heart consciousness. 


Our Vision

To heal and activate one heart at a time, to evolve the heart of humanity.

Are You A Divine Heart Alchemy Student?

  • Are eager to be of service to your community and humanity with your soul-lead gifts that are already within you. 
  • You’re hungry to learn all there is in regards to energy healing and about your own inner healing gifts. 
  • You’re eager, willing, and ready to begin using your gifts to serve your community. 
  • The idea of charging for your time and energy to share your gifts doesn’t turn you off or feel “bad”. 
  • Your heart center lights up at the idea of sharing your healing gifts and inner wisdom with others. 
  • The desire to speak your Truth from an activated and expansive space feels freeing!
  • You’re going through or already have gone through a spiritual awakening.
  • In your heart of hearts, your Divine Heart is ready to alchemize your wounds into medicine, and shift humanity into higher-heart lead consciousness. 
  • The idea of soul activation and expansion perhaps makes you a little nervous, yet  also excites you, perhaps all  at the same time! 
  •  Yeah, “this is the place!” and all of the above resonates with you deeply, even if you’re logical mind says “not sure”.