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Hi! I’m Meredith,

I'm a Healer and Teacher. 

I teach and guide fellow lightworkers  how to tap into their gifts and share their unique healing gifts with world!

On a deeper soul calling, my soul's mission is to activate the higher-heart consciousness of humanity! 



What Our Students Our Saying


I just completed the Quantum Touch Level 1 course with Meredith and it was truly amazing! Problems that I've had my whole life as an empath managing and protecting my energy field, as well as knowing how to send positivity and healing energy to others are two takeaways from this course that I consider invaluable. It also helps with managing stress, anxiety, pain, and more. I highly recommend it!- Jennifer R. Washington D.C.


I completed an Intuition Development workshop with her years ago, and, those teachings still help me until this day.- Ron P. Maryland  


Begin Your Journey As A Guide

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki

Level 1

An introduction into the  transformative energy of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level One.

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki

Level 2

Learn practical applicable skills to apply Reiki in your life or business.

Quantum Touch

Level 1

Learn the fundamental energy healing services, principles and techniques that we use throughout all Quantum-Touch workshops.
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Meredith's Reiki I class was a springboard into a world that has changed my life. Her class was my first big step on my "healing, healed, healer" journey. I am so thankful that I took this class with Meredith as my teacher, as her style is intuitively grounded and empowering for each student. Being a Reiki I class, I appreciated all the background she provided on how Reiki works, the principles, and its history. Meredith helped me understand what to expect after receiving the attunement and support and perspective during the process, and her aftercare focus was very meaningful. - 
Louisa M.  Richmond, Virginia, Owner of Heart Song Awakening



Continue Your Journey As A Guide

With Our Advanced Courses

All advanced coursework trainings are small class sizes of no more than 4 students. 

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher Training

In this final level of Usui/Holy Fire RMT, students will learn how to facilitate and their own Usui/Holy Fire Reiki classes.

Violet Flame Reiki Master Teacher

Learn the sacred Reiki of the Mother Goddess Kwan Yin.

Karuna Reiki Reiki Master Teacher Training

The Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki energy will enhance and empower your current relationship with Reiki energy.


Our Vision:

To heal and activate one heart at a time, to evolve the heart of humanity


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